Today IPL 2021 Points Table Live Updates (Season 14)

If you want to stay updated with IPL 2021 points table then bookmark this page because here you will get today IPL 2021 points table live updates, so during today’s live IPL match you can check today’s live IPL points table and when the match will end you will get full IPL 2021 points table fastest update. By checking live IPL 2021 points table you can check the predicted points table and teams positions with points.

Today IPL 2021 Points Table Live

Current top 4 teams in IPL 2021 points table: DC, CSK, RCB, MI.

Pos.IPL 2021 TeamsMWLPtsNRR
1 QDC Delhi Capitals1410420+0.481
2 QCSK Chennai Super Kings149518+0.455
3 QRCB Royal Challengers Bangalore149518-0.140
4 QKKR Kolkata Knight Riders147714+0.587
5MI Mumbai Indians147714+0.116
6PBKS Punjab Kings146812-0.001
7RR Rajasthan Royals145910-0.993
8SRH Sunrisers Hyderabad143116-0.545

IPL 2021 Points Table Stats

Teams Positions: In points table you will know which IPL 2021 team is on which position on the points table according to their points.

Total Matches Played: In points table you will get to know each IPL team total matches played.

Matches Won: In points table you will know each team’s total win matches in the IPL 2021 T20 league. Winning team gets 2 points for each match win.

Matches Lost: In points table you will know each team’s total lost matches. Losing team gets no point for that lost match in IPL points table.

NR (No Result): Matches that washed out and abandoned with no final result. No result match in IPL distributes 1 point to each team.

Points: Points in IPL points table decides that which team should rank on top and which team go down or up, team with higher points rank higher and an IPL team needs to win a match to get 2 points for getting their position on top of points table.

NRR (Net Run Rate): Net Run Rate in IPL points table is also important as teams with same points get their positions in the points table by their good NRR.

How IPL Points Table Works?

IPL points table decides which teams will be qualified for the top 4 which called as Playoffs. There are 56 matches being played in IPL in between 8 teams and team winning most matches get the top ranking in IPL points table.

After all 56 matches, we get top 4 teams with their 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th positions and here it being decided that between which teams the IPL Eliminator matches and IPL qualifier matches will be played.

Top 2 teams in IPL points table plays the qualifier 1 match and the team winning this qualifier 1 match qualifies for the IPL final match. Losing team of qualifier 1 match gets one more chance to qualifier for the IPL final.

Rest 2 teams (on position 3rd and 4th) have an IPL Eliminator match, whichever team loses here, gets disqualified and out from the league and team who wins Eliminator match gets entry for qualifier 2 match where they have match with the qualifier 1 match losing team.

So Eliminator 1 match winning team and qualifier 1 match losing team have the match called qualifier 2 match and whichever team wins here, gets the entry in IPL final match, so then qualifier 1 winning team and qualifier 2 winning team in IPL, goes into IPL final and IPL final match decides which team will win that IPL season trophy and become that IPL season winner.

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