Best Cricket Betting Sites in India in 2022

Everything you need to know about the cricket betting sites in India. Get the overview information on cricket pros & cons, general overview of the Indian gambling sector, overview of cricket rules as well as professional recommendations and tips on how to start gambling on cricket successfully.

Cricket betting sites

For betting on cricket and earning good money, you first need to understand the game in and out. You just cannot predict anything randomly and bet on it. Gain knowledge about cricketers’ history, pitch reports, weather conditions, injury reports, and other such aspects. Make sure you start with free entry-level betting and then start investing. Before we will discover top cricket rules and recommendations for cricket betting, let’s overview the best websites for cricket betting.

Top websites for cricket betting

Here are the indian betting sites for cricket.

Bet365 – Best welcome bonuses 

Bet365 is one of the best betting sites for Indian bettors and one of the most complete bookies in the industry. This bookmaker stands out with its high odds, plentiful betting markets, and many other excellent features. One of the best advantages you can count on when betting at bet365 is the regular and very generous bonus offers, ranging from free bet bonuses to Acca bonuses and cashback offers.

888sport – Best user interface 

888sport’s user interface looks good, is easy to use, and offers a simple betting experience suitable for every type of punter. While this online bookie might not have as many betting markets as some top betting sites, you will have no problems placing bets and navigating the site’s reasonably comprehensive sports section. What makes this betting site so user-friendly for Indian bettors is that it allows them to use the platform in the Indian language.

Betfair – Best in-Play betting options 

From high-end bettors who like to bet big to beginners and casual punters, in-play betting is suitable for everyone. It’s very interesting and entertaining, but more importantly, it works the same way as any other type of betting, with the only exception being that you’re placing bets during the match or event.

Security of the websites

Speaking about the security of Bet365, 888sport, and Betfair, all of them match the following:

  1. License & audit checkups. Website is regulated and authorized by an official authority in the gambling industry
  2. Experience. All of them have more than 10 years in the gambling industry, the time is very important because reliable betting site has been building a reputation with their clients for many years.
  3. Customer feedback. These bookmakers have good reviews and opinions: according to the comments that users have about Bet365, 888sport, and Betfair on such feedback portals like Quora, these websites are worth trying.

Cricket betting tips

Few tips for successful betting:

  1. Develop an eye for cricket. Watch every cricket game. Know the ins and outs of the game. Strengths and weaknesses. As you watch more and more games you’ll be able to assess the probability of the game. 
  2. Bet money on the outcome of the game. By watching live streams, you protect yourself from losing without having a chance to analyze the current situation at a venue as well as the team’s condition. 
  3. Try to play only lambi sessions, meaning if it is T20 then play only 20over overs. Playing 6,10,15 over a session does not have victory because many times if you have done yes and the wicket falls then even big hitters start fitting the balls and you lose your session but in lambi, if you have done yes then the wicket will not affect your winning chances.
  4. Divide the budget. This mainly concerns newcomers to the gambling market. To start, we advise you to create accounts on each bookmaker simultaneously and place several small bets on different matches. This method will help you to determine where the best cricket betting odds are placed, and whether the bookmaker’s predictions are close to being the truth.  
  5. Place The Bet After The Toss. It would be best if you placed a cricket bet after the toss is over. The toss determines a lot about the outcome of the game. So, it would help if you waited till the toss is over to put your money on who is more likely to win.