Headingley Cricket Stadium Pitch Report and Matches Records

In this article, we will discuss about Headingley Stadium pitch report according to all cricket formats Test, ODI, T20I. You will also get to know about pitch and ground conditions in detail, matches records of all cricket formats including match records, innings average scores of Test, ODI, T20I matches, toss factor, and winning records.

Headingley Cricket stadium is holding the record of 4th most test matches hosting in England. This ground is mainly a test playing ground. 1st test match was played in 1899 which was the 1st Ashes test hosted in this ground. Since then, this ground is considered as one of the ideal test playing grounds.

Headingley Cricket Ground is mainly a part of Headingley Stadium where other part is used for playing rugby. This ground was established in 1890 having seating capacity of 18350 expectators. This ground is situated in Leeds, England. Yorkshire county cricket club is the owner of the ground and Emerald Group holding the naming rights.

In Headingley stadium, Sir Don Bradman played a historical innings of 334 runs in 1930 Ashes test. In 1934 Ashes, he also gifted 304 runs innings in this venue. Geoff Boycott, former English test player, scored his 100th first-class hundred in this venue. This is that great venue where 1999 World Cup final was hosted and Harshall Gibbs dropped Steve Waugh in last moment. Steve Waugh then told Gibbs the he had dropped the title. Yorkshire cricket club scored highest ever domestic T20I total  260/4 in this ground. But no international T20I matches are played here.

Headingley Cricket Stadium Pitch Report

headingley Cricket Ground is holding the status of one of the best test playing grounds in the world. Like other cricket grounds in England, it has historically been favorable for batting. But later in the match, spin bowling will take over. Its pace also enticed fast bowlers to deliver inswings, outswings and bouncers, as evidenced by the records.

Headingley Stadium Test Pitch Report

Test Match Pitch Report and Toss Factor:

While it is considered a good batting pitch, all eyes will be on the weather, whether the forecast predicts a cloudy day. As a result, swing could be on the counter top. The pitch is a batsman’s paradise in the first innings, so teams winning the toss usually choose to bat first for a winning score at Headingley. The bowlers must be patient and consistent to improve things by the third and fourth innings. During those innings, the batsmen begin to struggle against spinning bowlers, which causes the average score to drop like a stone rapidly.

Of the 78 test matches held here, 29 teams won first batting and 31 won second batting, and 18 matches were drawn.

Here are the last 5 test matches average scores of all 4 Innings at Trent Bridge Ground:

  • Test Matches 1st Innings Average Score – 288.6 runs
  • Test Matches 2nd Innings Average Score – 251.8 runs
  • Test Matches 3rd Innings Average Score – 260.4 runs
  • Test Matches 4th Innings Average Score – 255 runs

Here, from this stats, we can say that in 1st innings, batsmen take all the advantages from the pitch. And from 3rd innings, bowlers start getting the pitch advantages.

The first inningst score is noticeable, as it is hard to beat later. The dry pitch and the flat wicket contribute to the success of the spin bowler at their third and fourth innings.

Test Matches Winning Record at Headingley Stadium:

In the last 5 Test matches held here, the team batting first has won 2 matches and 3 matches was won by the team batting second. Due to bad batting, average run in first innings has gotten low, creating chance for the 2nd batting team to chase easily.

Headingley Stadium ODI Pitch Report

ODI Match Pitch Report and Toss Factor:

In ODI, teams usually favor bowling on Headingley ground, because this is a batting pitch and chasing is easy. Of the 45 matches played here, 17 teams went first and 26 won second, while 2 matches had no result. Though in last five matches, team batting first won 3 times. The second innings gets slow with time and does not allow the ball to get to the bat, making it harder for batsmen to achieve the score.

Here are last 5 ODI matches average scores of both Innings at Headingley Ground:

  • ODI Matches 1st Innings Average Score – 277 runs
  • ODI Matches 2nd Innings Average Score – 258.4 runs

So it seems that batting first in Headingley is better, but depending on weather conditions team captain and management should choose whether to bat or bowl first.

ODI Matches Winning Record at Trent Bridge Stadium:

In the last five matches played here, 2 matches were won by teams batting first. It is easy to score high in the first innings but recent games are changing the idea.

Headingley Stadium T20I Pitch Report

Headingley Stadium does not host any international T20I matches. Though in a flat pitch like this, hard hitter batsmen can entertain the crowd playing various strokes. And also teams store huge runs in scoreboard. This situation is seen in England domestic T20I tournaments. Toss winning teams normally decide to bat first as the pitch favors batsmen first. But chasing runs is also much useful as new ball swings much.

As no international T20I matches played here, so there is no data about T20I in Headingley. We will update if any T20I match is hosted.

Headingley Stadium Ground and Pitch Conditions

The pitch is flat and green much, which makes it ideal for seamers. The wicket is flat, so it is ideal to bat in the first innings of the test matches with an average score near to 380 and the ODIs score of 300 or near. Pacers can get some additional screen and they can also make the ball turn and bounce depending on the weather status. In test and ODI matches the flat pitch favor batting, and the teams that win the toss are more willing to bat first.

When international T20I matches start hosting in this ground, we can hope to enjoy high scoring crickets. As power hitters are very fierce in flat wickets.

Headingley Stadium Boundary Length:

The stadium has two ends – Kirkstall Lane End and Football Stand End. The distance from the center of the pitch to the Kirkstall Lane End is about 70 meters, 72 meters onside and 66 meters offside, 65 meters on Football stand end side.

Headingley Stadium Matches Records

Here, we will be sharing the results and scorecards of the last 5 matches played in each format in Headingley Stadium. This in addition to the detailed pitch report and ground conditions explained before will help you develop an understanding of the pitch behavior in all four innings of Test matches and both innings in case of ODI and T20I matches.

Test Matches Records

A total of 78 Test matches have been played in the stadium between 1889 and 2019. India has played 6 test matches in the stadium out of which we lost in 3 matches and 1 matches were drawn.

Last 5 Test Matches Records:

Test Match 1: England vs Australia on 22 August 2019
Result: England won by 1 wicket.


  • Australia First Innings – 179 runs All out (52.1 overs)
  • England First Innings – 67 runs All out (27.5 overs)
  • Australia Second Innings – 246 runs All out (75.2 overs)
  • England Second Innings – 362/9 (125.4 overs)

Test Match 2: England vs Pakistan on 1 June 2018
Result: England won by an innings and 55 runs.


  • Pakistan First Innings – 174 runs All out (48.1 overs)
  • England First Innings – 363 runs All out (106.2 overs)
  • Pakistan Second Innings –134 runs All out (46 overs)

Test Match 3: England vs West Indies on 25 August 2017
Result: West Indies won by 5 wickets.


  • England First Innings – 258 runs All out (70.5 overs)
  • WI First Innings – 427 runs All out (127 overs)
  • England Second Innings – 490/8d (141 overs)
  • WI Second Innings – 322/5 (91.2 overs)

Test Match 4: England vs Sri Lanka on 19 May 2016
Result: England won by an innings and 88 runs.


  • England First Innings – 298 runs All out (90.3 overs)
  • Sri Lanka First Innings – 91 runs All out (36.4 overs)
  • Sri Lanka Second Innings (F/O) – 119 runs All out (35.3 overs)

Test Match 5: England vs New Zealand on 29 May 2015
Result: New Zealand won by 199 runs.


  • NZ First Innings – 350 runs All out (72.1 overs)
  • England First Innings – 350 runs All out (108.2 overs)
  • NZ Second Innings – 454/8d (91 overs)
  • England Second Innings – 255 runs All out (91.5 overs)

ODI Matches Records

A total of 45 One Day International matches have been played on this ground from 1973 to 2019. India has played 11 matches here, out of which we had 4 victories and 7 defeats.

Last 5 ODI Matches Records:

ODI Match 1: Sri Lanka vs India on 6 July 2019
Result: India won by 7 wickets.


  • 1st Innings – SL 264/7 (50 overs)
  • 2nd Innings – IND 265/3 (43.3 overs)

ODI Match 2: West Indies vs Afghanistan on 4 July 2019
Result: West Indies won by 23 runs.

  • 1st Innings – WI 311/6 (50 overs)
  • 2nd Innings – AFG 288 runs All out (50 overs)

ODI Match 3: Afghanistan vs Pakistan on 29 June 2019
Result: Pakistan won by 3 wickets.


  • 1st Innings – AFG 227/9 (50 overs)
  • 2nd Innings – PAK 230/7 (49.4 overs)

ODI Match 4: Sri Lanka vs England on 21 June 2019
Result: Sri Lanka won by 20 runs.


  • 1st Innings – SL 232/9 (50 overs)
  • 2nd Innings – ENG 212 runs All out (47 overs)

ODI Match 5: Pakistan vs England on 19 May 2019
Result: England won by 54 runs.


  • 1st Innings – ENG 351/9 (50 overs)
  • 2nd Innings – PAK 297 runs All out (46.5 overs)